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Jim Steele retires

Loyal employee says a sad farewell. After nearly 22 years service, Jim Steele is finally hanging up his safety boots. Jim, 65 on 11th July 2007, is retiring. The senior engineer is all set to put his feet up, get the radio out (ham radio that is) and take life easy.

I can still remember, says Jim, "when the typical sealing machine used glue and was the size of a small car, now they're as small as a computer desk and can be lifted by one person, how things change,' he went on 'If variety is the spice of life, then I will live for a very long time indeed, I don't think there were ever two days the same, I will miss not being at work but I'm looking forward to being busy doing nothing"

Kevin Green, General Manager commented "Jim is an example to us all. It is not often these days that people stay with one company for most of their working life, over the years he has made a huge contribution to the success of Loveshaw Europe, we will miss him. On behalf of Loveshaw and all those personal contacts within our (his) customers I would like to wish him well in his retirement, and say a huge vote of thanks for all the time & effort he put into his role. Thanks Jim, enjoy your retirement."

Please remember not to come to work tomorrow Jim!

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