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Loveshaw expands service team

November 2007

Orion Pallet Wrapper, serviceThe Hereford based Packaging Machinery Manufacturer, Orion Packaging Systems (UK) Ltd, has ceased trading.

However, like all packaging machinery, the pallet wrapping and other machinery that they supplied, still requires service and repair.

Orion Packaging Systems (UK) Ltd and Loveshaw always had a friendly rivalry. They had similar customers, collaborated on some projects, and had been competitors on others. Both have supplied significant amounts of end-of-line packaging machinery, semi-automatic turntable Pallet Wrappers in particular.

"Given the similarity in the customer base and in some of our products," said Kevin Green the Loveshaw general manger, "when I became aware of the situation, we decided to take on Oliver Williams from Orion Packaging Systems (UK) Ltd. He is an extremely well qualified engineer. We will provide, as we do with the rest of our packaging machinery range, a full break-down, call out and planned maintenance program to those ex-Orion Packaging (Systems) UK Ltd customers impacted by this. Unlike others who may offer a similar service, we will also provide a full range of spares and consumables. This will be supported and backed up with our normal warranty," he added, "Oliver has hit the ground running. We have already had ex-Orion Packaging Systems (UK) Ltd customers approach us to review their service requirements. Who better to do so than someone with more than 10 yrs of experience with Orion Packaging Systems (UK) Ltd, someone that has been involved in the design, service and manufacture of their Orion packaging machinery range? I am extremely pleased that he has decided to join us. We offer ex-Orion Packaging (Systems) UK Ltd customers an unrivalled assurance that they will still be able to obtain quality service and break-down cover, from someone that knows the range inside out."

If you have any queries regarding service or break-down of any Orion Packaging (Systems) UK Ltd pallet wrapping equipment, contact Loveshaw Europe.

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