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Pallet Wrapper, Pallet Mate

Pallet Wrapper, Pallet MateLoveshaw Europe is pleased to announce an extension to their very successful Pallet Wrapping range of packaging machinery. Kevin Green, the Loveshaw Europe General Manager said "despite the recession, 2009 has been a fantastic year for pallet wrapper sales. Our brand new power pre-stretch pallet wrapper, the Pallet Master, has exceeded all our expectations, selling against high-end and budget Pallet Wrappers alike.
In fact, we have sold as many pallet wrappers in 2009 as we did in 2007 & 2008 combined. We also conducted over 400 service visits during the year." He stated " a tremendous achievement, the figures speak for themselves, it is I believe a testament to superb design and our excellent build quality coupled with a customer service that delivers value for money."

Pallet Mate, Core Brake Pallet Wrapper

Building on this success, Loveshaw have now added another pallet wrapper to the range. A simple, basic Core-Brake Pallet Wrapper called the Pallet Mate.

The Pallet Mate continues to apply the Loveshaw core concepts of innovative design with simple controls, combined with excellent build quality.

Pallet Wrapper, Pallet Mate rear view


  • Simple controls, knobs & dials no complicated touch screen controller
  • Mechanical brake, stretch film up to 100%
  • Latest cat 4 electrical standard, as standard
  • 2.1m wrap height, soft start & soft finish
  • Robust build quality




Contact us for details and learn how we can help improve your end-of-line packaging process.