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Packaging Machines for the Pharmaceutical Industry

Personal Care Products, Shampoo, Shower Gel, Deodorant

PharmaceuticalBy their very nature these types of products tend to be small in size & ready for use by an individual. They will tend to be packed in smaller outer boxes prior to shipment to the retailer. Typically these boxes may well be Shelf Ready, or narrow and / or have a low height. The supplier / manufacturer needs to be sure that the products can be packed & dispatched economically with a minimum of fuss. Traceability is also vital in this industry. For example, if a product re-call is initiated, all the relevant products need to traced, quickly and easily.

Investing in end-of-line packaging machinery helps keep the packing process simple and efficient. End-of-line Semi-Automatic Case Sealers are one of the most economic ways of automating end-of-line packing. Case Coders provide traceability, whilst Pallet Wrappers will assist with pallet wrapping and protect palletised products in transit.

Case Sealing when Small Boxes are Used

When the primary products are small in size, and the boxes used to transport the products are also small, a Conventional Case Sealer cannot be used to seal the box. Conventional sealers will only accommodate a box approx 100/120mm wide by (approx) 115/120mm high (length being irrelevant). A special narrow side belt Case Sealer from Loveshaw accommodates boxes as narrow as 65mm and as low as 50mm. An ideal Case Sealer for SRP & other narrow boxes such as those used to move personal care products around.

Traceability: Case Coder

A Case Coder will print variable data direct to a cardboard box. A Case Coder provides peace of mind. To provide traceability, a coder will be utilised to print items such as; batch codes, sell by or use by dates, shift codes, product codes, content name, box codes, and time & date stamps, either all or some combination of these.

Various Case Coders exist. Which to use, will depend on the printing requirements. Large character, human readable print is best achieved with a dot-matrix Microjet printer. For small character, high resolution print, a Microjet HRP printer is best. For more complex printing such as logo's, bar codes or say a long list of ingredients, then a High Resolution printer such as the IJ300 is better placed to deliver the required quality and cost.

Security in Transit: Pallet Wrapping

Once the personal care products have been placed in boxes, sealed & coded, for bulk shipments, the products will then be palletised.

Securing a palletised load to a pallet with stretchwrap film is a simple yet economic method of reducing risk of damage in transit. A power pre-stretch Pallet Wrapper will stretch the pallet wrap film as it is applied to the load. Productivity gains of over 30% are not unusual when compared to hand wrapping. Using a Pallet Wrapper is also an environmentally sound way of wrapping a pallet. It generates much less waste that will ultimately end up as landfill.