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Packaging Machines for the Automotive Industry

Component Suppliers, Spares & Parts

AutomativeAutomotive components, spares & parts vary tremendously in complexity, size and weight. Manufacturers and suppliers need efficient and cost effective packing and dispatch operations, coupled with the ability to trace end-user supplied products back to the right batch in case any quality issues arise post manufacture and supply.

Investing in end-of-line packaging machinery helps facilitate the packing process. Ink Jet Coders and / or labelling systems provide traceability and peace of mind. If anything were to go wrong, the batch concerned must be easily traced and issues arising quickly rectified and dealt with.

A component manufacturer / supplier will normally receive a customer order and after picking the item(s) concerned maypack them in a cardboard box for dispatch and onward shipping.

For a low volume operation, simple semi-automatic Case Sealers and a simple in-line case coder like the Microjet or HRP Coder will provide end-of-line packing efficiencies and traceability.

For example, a supplier of Air Filters wanted to automate their end-of-line processes, saving labour and improving productivity. Not a high speed application, but one that needed to increase capacity to deal with increased demand and not add cost.

Air Filters by their nature, tend to be inserted into long and narrow boxes with end flaps that need to be closed & sealed for shipping. These boxes do not lend themselves to sealing by a conventional Case Sealer. Instead, a side sealing Case Sealer was supplied so that the box was placed on its side and the ends then taped as they pass horizontal rather than vertical (traditional) tape cartridges. An innovative solution.

For more automated lines and a greater degree of efficiency, Case Erectors and potentially check weighing equipment may be called for.

For example, a supplier of welding bits to the car manufacturing market, wanted to automate the case erection, filling and dispatch of the product. They chose a CF20 Case Erector, to pre-erect a small, robust cardboard box; a hopper style check-weighing machine for automatic dispensing of the product into the erected case; and an LD16EC top-flap-folding & sealing tape machine to close & tape the top of the box, once the product had been dispensed. A label machine then applies labels as required for traceability.