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Masport case study


"...I am thoroughly satisfied with my equipment, I have no hesitation in recommending Loveshaw to anyone looking for end of line packaging machinery..."

Leeds based Masport UK, a family company involved in the Pizza business for over 20 years, wanted to improve its end-of-line packaging and dispatch process. Masport's internet search brought the challenge to Loveshaw.

CF20EC case sealer
CF20EC case erector
Microjet 2, case coder
Microjet 2 case coder
LD16EC case sealer
LD16EC case sealer

The free on-site consultation carried out by Loveshaw's area manager revealed a number of requirements. As much automation as possible in the space provided, and the need for traceability on the outer boxes, as they contained food products.

As Ali Massah, the company owner said "We use modern machinery and the latest technology in our production processes, I wanted to have a very efficient and professional production line... after their on-site consultation, Loveshaw made certain recommendations and even provided me with a DVD in order to demonstrate the effectiveness of their packaging machinery."

The Loveshaw area manager adds "Masport wanted to ensure traceability of their products. To this end, they needed to print in various sizes and fonts. The Loveshaw Microjet dot matrix ink jet printer fitted the bill."

Ali Massah went on "the Loveshaw packaging machinery has given me maximum productivity whilst keeping my overheads low. I am thoroughly satisfied with my purchase. I have no hesitation in recommending Loveshaw to anyone looking for end of line packaging machinery."

As Kevin Green, General Manager for Loveshaw Europe, says,

"We believe in listening to our customers, understanding the way they work and what they want to improve. Our consultation led approach, with a desire to save our customers money, pays dividends. We provide a full range of packaging machinery. This includes Case Erectors, Case Sealers, Case Coders and Pallet Wrappers and Labellers. If we cannot provide an element of the required solution, then our experience in the industry means that invariably we know someone that can. With us you can be sure the solution will work."

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