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Rutpen Limited case study


"We liked our case sealer, ink jet printer and label applicator so much, we went back and bought another ink jet printer"

Rutpen Limited, a chemical manufacturing company based in Lambourn, Berkshire, had won a new contract which required the application of a variety of hazard warning labels to cases, something that had previously done by hand. A discussion with Loveshaw at a trade exhibition for packaging machinery (PPMA) heralded a new era of automation.

Legend case sealer
Legend case sealer
Microjet 1, case coder
Microjet 1 case coder

Rutpen set Loveshaw the challenge of meeting some very specific requirements. The hazard warning labels required by their new customer varied considerably in size and complexity. Batch information was required on the boxes which needed sealing – and space for the operation was at a premium.

A free on-site consultation with Loveshaw determined Rutpen’s exact requirements including speed of production and throughput. Loveshaw then recommended a Little David Legend case sealer and an R3500 label applicator.

Rutpen have been more than pleased with the benefits that have come from working with Loveshaw including:

  • A ‘partnership’ approach which saw Loveshaw personnel talking to the Rutpen staff who would be using the machines
  • Loveshaw’s ability to act as a one-stop shop delivering a complete solution
  • The small space requirement of the Loveshaw machines
  • Savings in money and time … and a very satisfied Rutpen customer

As Kevin Green, General Manager for Loveshaw Europe, says,

“Loveshaw believes in being innovative and supplying solutions that work. We were the first to market a short-tab tape cartridge and the first case sealer supplier to add a labelling capability to our own case sealers. Our end-of-line packaging machinery including case sealers, case coders, pallet wrappers and labelling machines puts us at the forefront of the end-of-line packaging machinery market place.”

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