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Custom packaging equipment

Sometimes there is a need for something that is out of the ordinary. Loveshaw recognise that not every application is the same. Sometimes a standard case sealer, even with adjustments, will not do the job required. Sometimes a custom case sealer is called for.

Recent Custom Case Sealers


This case sealer handles very low height and narrow boxes.


This case sealer was developed for very narrow & lightweight boxes. Min Size : L 150mm, W 70mm, H 65mm.


This case sealer was developed for end sealing rather than traditional top & bottom sealing. Tape cartridges are located on the sides.


This case sealer was developed to combine labelling and sealing in one simple operation. Putting these two separate activities in one easy to use application.


This case sealer was developed for use in clean room type environment.

If you have something out of the ordinary, why not contact Loveshaw and let us see if we can help you.