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Packaging Machines for the Food Industry

Snacks, Biscuits, Confectionery, Shelf Ready Packaging (SRP)

Supermarket SRPWalk into any UK supermarket and you will observe numerous shelves with Shelf Ready Packaging. This is where the product on the shelf, the snack food (crisps, nuts, fruit), the confectionery (chocolate bars, sweets), the packet of biscuits etc, will be contained in its own small box on the supermarket shelf. Mostly these boxes will have tear-off perforations that the shelf-filler will pull away to expose the product inside and place on the shelf.

SRP boxes need to be strong enough to provide protection in transit, but weak enough to be opened for display purposes. They need to remain attractive once opened and put on the shelf. However, SRP boxes tend to be weak, narrow, and require short tab taping.

If the tear-off is too weak, the boxes will get crushed in transit. If the tear-off is too strong, the box will rip and will loose its attractive appearance once put on the shelf. It may well present the product poorly to the public. If tape is used to seal the box, over-taping the perforation will also cause the box to look un-attractive once the tear-off is removed, because the tape will pull the print off or tear the box where it is not designed to do so.

Traditional Case Sealers that use tape to seal a cardboard box, leave a tab length down each side of the box of approx 50/60mm. Most tear-off boxes have a perforation only some 30mm from the bottom or top of the SRP box. Hence, a standard Case Sealer will tend to over-tape the perforations, leading to the issues identified above.

However, invest in a narrow LD3SB Case Sealer and SRP Cartridges with a light touch and small 25mm tab length, and these issues disappear. Boxes as narrow as 85mm can be accommodated. The LD3SB Case Sealer eliminates the issue of taping a narrow box, and over-taping the perforation. This leaves the SRP display box attractive and functional, and as intended by the marketing dept.