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Hand Wrap Pallets

The Hazards and Costs of Wrapping by Hand

Hand Wrap Pallets

It has long been recognised that securing a load to a pallet reduces the risk of the palletised load getting damaged in transit. It lessens the risk of returns. There are various ways of doing this. The most common is by using stretch-wrap film. The load is placed on the pallet, and then stretch-wrap film is wrapped around the load and the pallet, thus securing the load to the pallet. The film acts to keep the load stable in transit and can also gives added protection from the weather. The protective covering on the palletised load also reduces damage from other pallets whilst in transit. Pallet Wrapping with pallet wrap film prevents the load from slipping / moving whilst in transit or when it is being moved by a fork lift or pump truck. Wrapping with stretch-wrap film ensures that the palletised load arrives in perfect condition, safe & secure. The risk of theft or partial theft of the products in transit is also greatly reduced.

Hand Wrapping

Hand Wrap Pallets

Traditionally the wrapping of pallets, especially where volume is low, has been done by hand. An operative holds the two ends of a roll of stretch-wrap film, walks around the palletised load allowing the film roll to unwind whilst they walk around the pallet. The operator has to stoop low to ensure that the edge between the pallet and the products is wrapped properly, and subsequently lift the roll a little higher after each complete circuit of the pallet. The operator will overlap successive wraps to make sure that the products will be held securely (a spiral pattern). Once the operator reaches the top, they will then wrap back down to the base of the pallet. The number of wraps will be determined by the operator, depending on the load being wrapped, but also from a visual inspection 'does it look wrapped enough'? The operator's discretion will decide.

The Hazards of Hand Wrapping

Hand Wrap Pallets

Wrapping by hand poses a number of health & safety risks and potential for injury.





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