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The history of Loveshaw

In 1962 Winton Loveland and Saul Warshaw founded a company to manufacture and sell their invention. A machine that applied gummed tape to corrugated boxes. The tape sealed the boxes and kept them closed. Thus reducing shrinkage in transit and improving the efficiency of the end-of-line packing operation. They called this machine a Padlocker. Taking elements of their surnames, they called the company Loveshaw.

Operations in Europe began in the 1970's. This, ultimately lead to the formation of Loveshaw Europe.


Due to the growing popularity of pressure-sensitive tape, the Little David case sealer range was launched. Over time, this range of innovative, simple and easy to use case sealers replaced the larger more expensive gluing systems.


Industrial case coding Inkjet Printers were added.


The Microjet II was introduced. This inkjet printer revolutionised the jet printer industry. This unit was the first totally enclosed, self-contained inkjet printer ever to be manufactured. The current, modern, updated version remains a cornerstone of the Loveshaw Europe end-of-line case coding range.


Loveshaw successfully introduced a High Resolution Inkjet Printer. These printers have the capability of text, barcodes and graphics.


Loveshaw was acquired by Illinois Tool Works (ITW)


Loveshaw Europe added the Diagraph Manual Marking and Coding product range

ITW Mima Pallet Wrappers added


Loveshaw Europe added the Diagraph High Resolution IJ3000 printer range to its portfolio.

A new range of Case Erectors was launched. This enabled customers to enter into cardboard reduction programs. This new range can handle relatively thin RSC cardboard boxes, so saving money.


ITW Heikaus Pallet Wrappers added

NEW Narrow Case Sealer Launched


The first combined labelling and sealing machine was launched. This enabled, for the first time, labels to be applied at the same time as sealing a box.


Orion Pallet Wrapping Service Work Offered

Loveshaw introduce a new budget case erector for smaller businesses based around their hugely successful CF20-EC range.


NEW Side Belt Random Case Sealer Launched

NEW Power Pre-Stretch Pallet Wrapper, the Pallet Master, Launched

NEW Small Character Case Coder, the HRP, Launched


NEW Pallet Mate Core Brake Pallet Wrapper Launched

NEW Semi-Automatic Top & Bottom Random Case Sealer launched, the Little David LDX-RTB


NEW Large Character HP Case Coder Launched

NEW Kicker-Less Automatic Flap Closing Case Sealer to be released Q3 2011, the Little David LD24


NEW, Low Cost, Single Mast Random Case Sealer, Little David LD4 released

Small Character HRP Printer now available in 1" print size

NEW Improved CF25 Case Erector Launched


Re-located to New and improved business premises, Unit 1, Newton Park, Andover, Hampshire, SP10 3SH

NEW Improved LDX-RTB launched, largest box range of any Semi-Automatic Random Case Sealer


NEW Improved CF20 Light Guard Package now available

NEW, Patented Pneumatic Tape Cartridge for Void and Very Weak Corrugated Boxes available, LDX-RTB

Became part of SPG Packaging (UK) Limited, a subsidiary of Signode Industrial Group

Signode Industrial Group becomes part of Global alternative asset manager The Carlyle Group.

Loveshaw continues to go from strength to strength. We innovate, manufacture, service and supply robust quality engineered end-of-line packaging machinery.