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Integrated packaging solutions

We supply packaging machinery that is modular in nature. It can however, and very often is, integrated into full or partially automated production lines. The degree of automation depends on complexity and need. It can vary tremendously.

Packaging systems integration can mean just a simple case sealer combined with an ink jet printer, or say our combination of Legend case sealer and Case Labeller. It could mean using a Case Erector combined with an automated filling operation (liquids, powders or components), and an automatic or random case sealer, then transportation to a dispatch area for pallet wrapping.

This short animation shows an automated packaging line in action. It provides an example of how Loveshaw packaging machinery can be linked together to form an integrated packaging solution. In this instance, a CF20EC Case Erector erects and seals the bottom of an RSC cardboard box ready for filling. Once filled, the box continues along a powered conveyor and is driven past a Diagraph High Resolution Ink Jet Printer. This prints a bar-code and logo directly onto the case. The case then passes into a top flap folding LD16-EC Automatic Case Sealer. This case sealer folds all four top flaps and applies tape to seal the top of the box. The sealed box then passes along the line for palletising. Once palletised, the load is secured to the pallet with power pre-stretch film that is applied using a Power-Pre Stretch Pallet Wrapper.

We have worked with a number of different integrators; including Masterfil, FKI and Owen Conveyors, Comount, Univeyor and Prins.

Integration examples:-


Recently we worked with Comcount, to supply and install an automatic erecting, filling and sealing production line. We supplied our Case Erector CF20-EC for automatic box making and bottom sealing, this was then linked to an automatic conveyor system that delivered the open box for filling via a hopper arrangement with small copper components, linked to a component dispensing / weighing system, then finally passing into an automatic Little David LD16-EC top tape case sealer to present the filled & sealed box ready for palletising and despatch.


We worked with Univeyor to supply specially adapted, automated Little David LD16A case sealers to work in the despatch area of a major wine distribution centre. The case sealers were specially adapted to take account of the 24/7 nature of the operation, and the special requirements of sealing boxes containing different bottles of wine (in particular being able to deal with the cardboard insert and different heights of each bottle of wine). The machines had to be integrated into the product delivery and automated dispatch (palletising) operations.


With Prins we helped them supply an automatic erecting, filling, coding and sealing production line. We supplied our Case Erector CF20-EC for erecting boxes on demand, this was linked to an automatic product dispenser for frozen sausages to fill the box. Our case coder applied a best before & batch code to the filled box, which is then presented to an LD16-EC automatic uniform case sealer for top sealing before palletising & dispatch.

Automation does not have to mean complex automated production lines. We worked with Owens Conveyor to present a bottom sealed box, using an LD3SB case sealer, under a powder dispenser, then conveyed a to a top flap closing & sealing LD16-EC automatic case sealer, then onwards to a Loveshaw core brake pallet wrapper once boxes are palletised.