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Orion Pallet Wrappers, Service

Loveshaw's service team

April 2009

Orion pallet wrapper servicingBackground

Orion Packaging Systems (UK) Ltd ceased to trade in September 2007. But of course, pallet wrappers and other packaging machinery supplied by Orion Packaging Systems (UK) Ltd still need to be serviced and / or repaired. Not being able to have a pallet wrapper repaired for instance, carries quite a risk. Consider the importance that pallet wrapping has for security in transit, not to mention the backlog created when a pallet wrapper ceases to work properly. Pallet wrapping then has to be carried out by hand until repairs are completed.

Experience Counts

Loveshaw Europe has been servicing pallet wrappers and packaging machines formally manufactured and / or supplied by Orion Packaging Systems (UK) Ltd since 2007.

Headed up by Oliver Williams (ex-Orion Packaging Systems (UK) Ltd), Loveshaw Europe is pleased to provide, as we do with the rest of our end of line packaging machinery range, a full break-down, call out and planned maintenance program to customers who invested in pallet wrappers and other packaging machinery from Orion Packaging Systems (UK) Ltd.

Oliver Williams is an extremely well qualified engineer with more than 10yrs of experience with Orion Packaging Systems (UK) Ltd. Someone that has been involved in all stages of design, service and manufacture of the entire range of pallet wrappers and other packaging machinery.

What do Loveshaw Offer?

Unlike others who may offer a similar service, Loveshaw Europe provides a full range of spares and consumables. We are able to offer genuine replacement parts from the original manufactures. Our break-down, call-out and planned maintenance program is supported and backed-up with our normal warranty. We offer ex-Orion Packaging Systems (UK) Ltd customers an unrivalled assurance that they will still be able to obtain quality service and break-down cover, from someone that knows the range inside-out.

If you have any queries regarding service or break-down of any Orion Packaging Systems (UK) Ltd pallet wrappers or other packaging machinery, contact Loveshaw Europe.

Service Contracts

Service is essential to maintain wrapping machinery in peak condition. We all know that our cars need to be serviced to make sure that they continue to run effectively and (given fuel prices) efficiently. Orion packaging machinery supplied by Orion Packaging Systems (UK) Ltd, is no different. It should be serviced on a regular basis.

We offer annual service contracts based on a recommended visit schedule that is decided in consultation with the end-user. The number of visits depends on the age, type and frequency of use of the Orion pallet wrapping equipment. A 24/7 operation will require a greater degree of maintenance than a 5 day, 7 hr shift operation.


Brake-downs are unfortunately, no matter how reliable the machine, inevitable. We also offer a full break-down & call out service for Orion Packaging Systems (UK) supplied packaging machinery.

Sample Statistics over a typical 3 month period

  • Over 150 service visits carried out
  • 97% of services completed at first visit (balance awaiting spares for older machines)
  • Over 100 call-outs attended & 98 machines repaired at first visit

What Our Customers Say

"… we have multiple machines. It is very important that they continue to run properly. With Oliver on board, we trust Loveshaw to make sure that is the case ..."

Potters Logistics
"…excellent service, quick to react and deliver, very impressive …"

Robert McBride
"… could not expect more, when we heard about Orion ceasing trade, it gave us quite a headache. It is essential that the automatic line we have is up & running and looked after properly. Oliver makes sure it is. We are well pleased …"

Capper & Co
"...marvellous work, are we glad Loveshaw took on Oliver …"

Acheson & Acheson 
"… our Orion pallet wrappers are the best they have ever worked …."

" …brilliant standard of work …"