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Packaging machinery FAQs

Case Erector FAQs

A case erector takes a flat packed box (a blank) and forms it into shape, seals the bottom and presents the box ready for filling. Why would I want one? Who would I use one? Why would I choose Loveshaw Europe a case erector? Why would I change my current packaging machinery supplier? Where / how can I see one? Would it save me money? Your case erector questions answered!

Case Sealer FAQs

A case sealer is a machine that applies tape to the top and / or bottom of a cardboard box in order to seal the box for transit. Why would I want to use one? Will it save me money? I tape my boxes by hand, why should I change? I need to label or ink jet print my boxes, surely a case sealer will interfere with this? I already use a case sealer from one of your competitors, why would I change? Where / how can you see one? Your case sealer questions answered!

Case Coder FAQs

A case coder prints directly on an outer box. For example, best before dates, batch codes, box contents and box counts are easily printed. These ensure traceability of product, and can be used to identify the contents of the box. Bar codes and company logo’s can also be printed. Why would I want to use one? Surely only big production plants use these? What industries use these printers? Where / how can I see one? Your case coder questions answered!

Case Labeller FAQs

A case labeller attaches labels to a box. The label may be pre-printed (such as a hazard label) or may be produced in real time, using a print & apply labelling system. Indeed a combination of case labeller and case coder may be required. Why would I use a labeller rather than a case coder? When would I need both? Which is better, labeller or ink jet? When would I use an Apply only labeller or a Print & Apply case labeller? Where / how can I see one? Your case labeller questions answered!

Pallet Wrapper FAQs

A pallet wrapper secures a palletised load for transit. How does it do that? I wrap my pallets by hand, why should I change to a pallet wrapper? I already use a pallet wrapper, why should I change to Loveshaw? What is my payback from using a pallet wrapper? Where / how can I see one? Your pallet wrapper questions answered!

Parts and Service FAQs

A complete range of every-day parts & spares are available from our UK facility. We offer next day delivery (if required) on most items. Do you have your own engineers? I have a mix of case coders & case sealers, can the same engineer attend to all my packaging machinery?  I have my own engineers, can they be trained on your equipment? Your parts and service questions answered!

Orion Pallet Wrapping Machines, Service FAQ’s

Loveshaw offer a full planned maintenance and break-down service for ex-Orion Packaging (Systems) UK Ltd customers. I’m an ex-Orion customer, how do I get my Orion pallet wrappers serviced? I have a beak-down, how do I know you can repair my pallet wrapper? Your Orion pallet wrapping machines, service questions answered!

Consumables FAQs

We sell a complete range of consumable items. From Ink to Tape, to Film. Do you manufacture your own consumables? What size tape do you sell? Why should I use your ink? Do you only sell your own ink? What different pallet wrap film do you sell? What is the minimum order. Your consumables questions answered!