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Pallet Wrapper, Power Pre-Stretch

This new generation of Loveshaw wrapping machines offers reliability, simplicity and safety as well as reducing your packaging costs. It can handle larger volumes and also reduces film consumption. (1m becomes 3m).

  • Indexed Start/Stop
  • CE Approved
  • 260% Power Pre-Stretch
  • Enclosed Film Carriage
  • Economic Wrapping Cycle
  • Simple Adjustments
  • Low Maintenance
  • Replaces
  • Expensive Labour
  • Saves money and film consumption
  • Stretches 1m of film up to 3m

Pallet wrapper


Power Pre-stretch pallet wrapper specifications

Case Capacity Specifications
Length 1200mm* Power 240 Volts, single phase
Width 1000mm* Operating Speed Variable 2-12 rpm
Height 2200mm* Weight 450kg (uncrated)
Weight 2200Kg Film Material Power Pro-stretch grade
Throughput 25 pallets/hour Options Load stabilizer, loading ramp, pit frame, larger turntables
Note: Larger loads can be accommodated with option of larger turntable.    


For more information please download the Power Pre-Strech Pallet Wrapper Brochure (PDF)