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End of line packaging solutions

Packaging machinery manufacturers Loveshaw manufacturers of Little David automated packaging machines, specialise in low cost, high quality end-of-line packaging solutions. These automated packing systems can be utilised either as stand alone or part of a larger integrated system. They include case erectors (box making), case sealers (box taping), case coders (box printing), and pallet wrappers.

With nearly 50 years of experience, and over 50,000 Little David case erecting and case forming machines operating in over 45 countries worldwide, Loveshaw's expertise makes buying packaging machinery easy.

Our packaging machinery is suitable for a wide range of industries from food to pharmaceutical, and if our standard machines for packaging do need fit or your specific needs we are happy to provide custom packaging solutions. Consultation with us is free as are on-site demonstrations.

Case erectors Case sealers Case coders
Case Erectors Case Sealers Case Coders
Case labellers Pallet wrapper Integrated packaging solutions
Case Labellers Pallet Wrappers Integrated Packaging
Packaging parts and service Packaging consumables Orion pallet wrapper, servicing
Parts & Service Consumables Orion Pallet Wrappers, Service