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Used Pallet Wrappers

In difficult economic times, it is not always possible to justify the investment or get budget approval for a new pallet wrapping machine. At Loveshaw we understand this. That's why we offer leasing and rental as alternatives to purchasing.

We also offer trade-in programmes to existing users of pallet wrapping machinery. As a result of this programme we sometimes receive used pallet wrappers.

Once completely refurbished and renewed, we are able to return these wrappers to the market at a much reduced rate compared to brand new pallet wrapping machinery. Only a select few used pallet wrappers make it back to the market. Those that do are completely over-hauled. We ensure that only new OEM parts are used and that the major wear parts are replaced and renewed.

To give a flavour of the type of used pallet wrapping machines we have recently refurbished, a couple of examples are shown below.

Pallet Wrapper, Ecomt Plus LP 500 Pallet Wrapper, Loveshaw HP500

Ecomt Plus



ITW Mima manufactured Semi-Automatic turntable Pallet Wrapper using Power-pre stretch technology

Orion Packaging Systems (UK) Manufactured Semi-Automatic Pallet Wrappers. Part exchanged for the New Pallet Master Pallet Wrapping Machine.

The High Profile HP500 pallet wrapper, having its drive chain raised from the floor, is an ideal wrapper where the risk of debris encrouching in or around the area of operation exists.

The HP500 is a power-pre stretch pallet wrapper.

You can rest assured that when you invest in a used pallet wrapper from Loveshaw, it will have been thoroughly reviewed, re-built and tested to the highest standards.

Call us to discuss how we can help you with your investment decision and your pallet wrapping needs.

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