As of 1st May 2014, Loveshaw, as part of Signode Industrial Group along with brands such as Mima, Signode, Strapex, Orgapack, Haloila, Muller, Multi-Wall, Shippers and Angleboard, became part of assets under management of the Carlyle Group. Signode Industrial Group, a leading global supplier of packaging machines, consumable, tools and equipment used to contain, unitise and protect goods during manufacturing, transport and warehousing, employs nearly 7,000 people across 6 continents.

Mark Burgess, CEO of Signode Industrial Group said ‘We have a global scale with 88 manufacturing locations across 6 continents’ he went on, ‘supported by Carlyle’s industrial focus and global network, we are well positioned for terrific growth and success.’

The Carlyle Group has some $199bn USD of assets under management, in over 200 global businesses. Kevin Green, the Loveshaw Europe unit manager added ‘the Carlyle motto of Invest Wisely, Create Value, and the way that they fuse local knowledge with a global network, fits extremely well with the way that Loveshaw have, and continue, to conduct business. I am looking forward to an exiting future.’