As industry leaders, Loveshaw was early to observe the rise of shelf ready packaging (SRP), driven by supermarkets. Supermarket suppliers rushed to expensive crash lock base boxes, as a quick fix. Some have reverted to manual taping. Many were forced into this position because their box taping machines apply a tape tab of 60mm on the ends of the box, thus sealing over the tear-off of an SRP box.

Loveshaw immediately responded by developing and engineering a special tape application cartridge Our unique cartridge applies a much shorter, but still very strong, 25mm tab. Therefore, leaving the tear-off portion of the SRP box functional at its destination.

Thinking a taping machine is ‘just a taping machine’, many businesses have been mis-sold taping machines by a “local” packaging supplier. Invariably these taping machines are not fit for purpose. Other businesses use old taping machines, that are similarly not fit for purpose

Using crash lock base boxes is expensive. By switching back to an SRP 02-01 type boxes, and using a specifically engineered, and cost-effective, Loveshaw Little David case sealing machine, you can save in excess of £30K PER ANNUM!

So is a taping machine “Just a taping machine”?

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