Little David Micro Jet HRP Outer box coder / Small character coder – Proven technology now with small character capability

– Can be used as a low cost, low maintenance alternative to simple CIJ coder applications
– 2-3x lower in price compared to a CIJ system
– Friendly ink
– Dual purpose can be used cost effectively to code outer boxes

Our advanced HRP Microjet printer is the new cost effective and easier to use alternative to Continuous Inkjet (CIJ) coders. It is an ideal choice for production line coding functions such as ready-meal sleeve and carton type date coding.

  • CIJ coders have many disadvantages:
  • High cost (Uses chemical even when sat idle)
  • Specialist ink storage
  • high maintenance
  • lengthy turnaround
  • messy
  • High levels of waste (coder needs to be “flushed” before switching off)

These disadvantages are caused by the highly volatile chemical based ink used by CIJ coders. This generally means the machines are difficult to use and require maintenance and are costing money when idle

Our HRP coder uses an oil-based ink that is easy to clean, safer and allows the coder to be switched off and on without fear of print heads being blocked. This means no maintenance time and lower ink consumption. It also means that we can produce more cost-effective machines, Our HRP coder is more than half the price of equivalent CIJ machines.

  • HRP advantages:
  • Cost effective
  • Easy to maintain
  • Safer ink
  • Less wasted ink

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