Signode feels proud and privileged to have a played a small role in helping a large UK supermarket chain meet their urgent need to deliver isolation food parcel deliveries during the Coronavirus Emergency. The supermarket chain was having trouble meeting demand and needed a quick and very reliable box taping machine, and they needed the machine ‘Now!’

Signode heard the call and had multiple machines delivered and installed in 2 days. The supermarket was extremely happy with their new high quality, robust and safe Little David LD7 case sealers. Food parcels went out on time.

The Little David LD7 is a reliable, safe, all-round case sealer with a large box range. Compact size is particularly useful when floor space is at a premium. Amazingly quick change-over from one box size to another, adjust in less than 3 seconds! Interlinked side guides ensure the box is centred easily and quickly. Height adjustment is but a few seconds with spring-loaded and counterbalanced head. Single mast design allows easy installation of an outer box coder or label applicator. Self-tensioned drive belts reduce maintenance and are easily replaced with a minimum of tools. Driven by a single motor, ensures both drive belts run at the same speed to produce square boxes. Tape application is reliably consistent and strong.