Box Taping Machine Compliance & Safety Shouldn’t Be a Guessing Game

Box Taping Compliance not Complacency

We understand that the costs incurred from poor health and safety and non-compliance can be very financially damaging to a company. Our competitor’s box taping machines can at best, leave you second-guessing about their compliance credentials, and at worst leave the work of compliance in your hands. PUWER (Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations) rules place certain obligations on the users of workplace equipment. PUWER effectively means that any risks from workplace equipment need to be formally assessed and, where possible, eliminated or prevented. Little David are experts in making beautifully engineered and compliant machines. You don’t have to worry about PUWER, CE, or BS compliance with a Little David machine.

Box taping machine compliance is in the Little David DNA. Operating safely is paramount. Our machines are always at the forefront of compliance standards. Compliance demands are constantly changing and unlike many of our competitors, we pride ourselves in being compliance experts. It is easy to understand why many of our competitors leave it to their clients to deal with a new machine’s conformity. It takes time, effort, and money to stay up to date with the latest directives. Despite this Little David are meticulous in our reviewing of all the latest mandates and requirements. Every one of our packaging machines is subject to an independent audit verification for compliance to the Machinery Directive, and all CE, BS, and PUWER standards. All machines are checked to ensure compliance before despatch.

Delivery of a compliant box taping machine is not where our commitment ends. Little David’s risk assessment trained field staff are always on hand to offer expert advice and help with your machine.

Box Taping Testing in the Field

Before any new box taping machine is released to market it is thoroughly field-tested. Whilst we are proud and confident in our industry knowledge and engineering experience, we never leave anything to chance. Our field testing involves rigorous and demanding real-world conditions, with independent test feedback. Our testing does not stop in the development stage.  All machines have a pre-delivery inspection process and are soak tested prior to despatch to an end-user. Automatic machines are thoroughly tested with the customers’ boxes and products for acceptance.