The Beating Heart of the Box Taping Machine

Unique Taping Design

The spirit of invention is not something that leaves the DNA of a company. It is engrained. Little David invented the box taping machine and still drives its innovation today. Our unique Little David patented tape head was designed to optimise consistent tape application. It is a design that others have tried to imitate but due to our patent, all imitations were essentially a compromise.

The Head is the Heart of box taping

Just as the heart is the engine of the human body the tape head is the heart and engine of a box taping machine. It is the taping head that ultimately defines the quality of the seal. So, the quality of the design, engineering, and material being used in the tape head is paramount to a reliable tape application and seal quality.

Materials and Engineering Box Seal the Deal

Little David’s attention to detail and quality is evident in every part of our box tape head design and manufacture. An Engineering feature in our tape head means the wipe-down pressure of the tape head can be adjusted to allow for weak or void fill boxes. Our tape head is a high-quality all-metal construction. Unlike many of our competitors who are using plastic elements within the construction. Due to the materials, we use the box tape head is extremely durable and withstands extreme “abuse” in a busy box packing area.

Our beautifully simple premium solid rubber “Wipe down” rollers allow for easy cleaning and servicing. The material quality is far more durable and reliable than the sponge rollers used by competitors’ cheaper imitations.

When you understand the unique design, the adjustability, and high quality reliable, and durable materials, it is easy to see why the Little David box tape head is the best performing premium tape head available today.