Your box taped product leaves the factory faster, smoother, more secure, and more profitable

The Mother of Invention – Box Taping

Little David invented the automated box taping machine industry 5O years ago. Over this time, we have developed a wealth of engineering expertise and have simultaneously honed, refined, and innovated. At our core, we have held to a philosophy of high quality and meticulous attention to detail.

Box Taping Quality, Durability and Longevity Save Money

Little David have welcomed box taping competition into our market and risen to the challenge where there was one to meet. Unfortunately, we have often seen competitors cutting corners to increase their own profit. At Little David, we know that using slightly cheaper grades of metals and plastics, and cost-saving construction methods, end up costing the customer.

Little David specify box taping machine components based on longevity and reliability, not cost-efficiency. We use the best grade metals for our machines, to ensure they are strong, reliable, and resilient to the most extreme industry needs. We use high-quality special surface treatments that have been tested and are fit for purpose and hardwearing. We use high-quality durable welding methods for our machine frames where competitors use cheaper riveted frames. Taping cartridge reliability is essential for durability. Our taping cartridges are all metal and solidly constructed.

Our electrical engineering is nothing less than pedantic. With the care and attention to detail of a formula 1 engineer, every millimeter of wiring is neat, correctly colour coded, and marked for identification. Wiring termination is by bootlace ferrules. Noise filters are installed for reliability and safety.

We understand and appreciate the fact that our satisfied customers purchase our machines because of their trust in our brand and what we stand for. It is born from a common-sense philosophy of ‘buy cheap, buy twice’. It is a philosophy we adhere to when procuring component parts for our machine’s motors, gearboxes, and electronics. We use trusted brands with a long track record in quality, brands that include Omron, Siemens, Shnieder, Bonfiglioli and Telemechanique.

Little David machines prove themselves time and time again, with many machines still in the field after 20 years of rigorous use, and still going.

Precision Improves Productivity and Box Taping Quality Standardisation

Whilst it is wonderful that Little David provides you with a long-lasting, beautiful, high-quality box taping machine, what really matters is a bo taping machine that increases your productivity. This is ultimately why Little David employs the innovative design, high-quality materials, and precision engineering standards that we do. We know it produces real-world improvements in box taping quality. The better the standard of tolerance, the more aligned the machine parts, the more durable the rubbers, metals, gears, and bearings, the more quickly, smoothly and securely your box and products are taped. Our machines produce high-quality taping day after day, week after week, year after year. Your products leave the factory faster, more secure, and without the need for wasted materials and extra man-hours.