Case Coder
Microjet HRP

  • Characters up to 11mm tall
  • One or two lines
  • UPC-A bar codes and alphanumerics
  • Sealed industrial printhead
  • Hinged cover easy access
  • Easy snap-in/snap-out ink changing
  • Built-in sensors for speed and direction
  • Channel purge at the printhead
  • Industrial DB-9 serial connection
  • In/out port for daisy chaining


Type: HP Thermal Ink Jet
Print Speed: Up to 61 mps
Print Lines: up to 5 lines
Print Lines: up to 5 lines
Memory: 128mb
Product Sensing: Integrated photoeyes
Print Resolution: 300 dpi vertical resolution
Ink Throw Distance: Up to 6.35mm
Communication Interface: RS232C

Enclosures: Moulded plastic
User Interface: 40-key terminal, graphics display
Communication: Ports RS232C
Connectivity: None
Auto Codes: Time, Date, Sell By, Julian Date, Rollover, Time, Count.
Memory: Up to 500 messages

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Product Overview

Compact, Safe, Clean and Durable, the Little David High Resolution Printer (HRP) is an industrial grade thermal ink printer. Utilising HP ink cartridge technology and built in durable stainless steel with photo sensors, the unit comes with mounting brackets and relevant cables and is ideal for low cost coding and high resolution marking.

Printing up to 12mm character height or 5 lines of text, easy to program with a plug-in heavy duty touch screen terminal were you can store and save several different messages linked to your daily calendar.

Keep costs minimised. The handset is mobile and transferable between print heads, and can therefore be used to program more than one print head. Multiple print heads can be linked together for example, enabling you to print on both sides of your box in one pass.


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