Case Erector
Loveshaw CF20-HMI

  • Highest levels of Health & Safety
  • Fully Guarded & Light Curtain
  • Simple Control and Operation
  • Bespoke Box Sizes
  • High Speed Option
  • Gravity or Powered Conveyor
  • 50mm & 75mm Tape Options


Power: 240 Volts, single phase, 16A supply
Air Requirement: 75/80 PSI (12½ Cub Ft/Min), Clean, dry, oil free
Operating Speed: up to 14cpm (case dependent & 18cpm option)
Weight: 1030kg (uncrated)
Closure Material: 50/75mm pressure sensitive tape
Options: low tape alarm, low hopper, castor system (4 required), outfeed conveyor, extended/powered hopper


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Case Capacity

min max
Length: 250mm 570mm
Width: 170mm 410mm
Height: 100mm 500mm
Throughput: 14cpm

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Product Overview

The CF20-HMI Case Erector has been rigorously designed to be ROBUST, and SIMPLE to operate. We are proud to say this highly engineered Case Erector sits at the top of the industry with extremely high levels of safety and cost saving efficiency. The Loveshaw name guarantees that our Case Erectors are built to outperform and outlast the competition.

Case Erector Safety

The CF20EC Case Erector uses the latest LIGHT CURTAIN technology, and TUNNEL GUARD combined with INTERLOCKED GUARDS, to provide the highest level of safety for your operators.

Case Erector Efficiency

The CF20EC Case Erector improves your company’s efficiency; including Enhanced Box Range, Low Hopper Alarm, Low Tape Alarm, and Supply on-demand Sensing.



Compliant & Lifetime Warranty*

Compliant, Independently Verified

Compliance is in the Loveshaw DNA. Operating safely is paramount. Our machines are always at the forefront of compliance standards. Every packaging machine is subject to independent verification for compliance to the Machinery Directive, and all CE, BS and PUWER standards. All machines are checked to ensure compliance before despatch. All sales reps and service technicians are trained in risk assessments.

Engineering Quality

Precision Engineering can be defined as painstaking attention to detail. A definition that captures the very essence of what Loveshaw Europe stands for. Designed to be robust and easy to maintain, Loveshaw end-of-line packaging machines can be relied upon to perform as required, and perform very well indeed. Don’t just take our word for it; discover what our customers have to say. Read our case studies. Form your own opinion.

Lifetime Warranty*

Our Promise to You; ‘When you buy a packaging machine from us, look after it properly, and we guarantee it will last you a lifetime’. Terms and conditions apply, call or email us for details +44 (0) 1264 357 511.