Packaging Machines for the Printing Industry

Bookbinding, Books, Magazines, Leaflets, Newspapers

Speed of packing, traceability and security of product are vital in the printing industry. If something goes wrong, you do not want to have to re-print thousands of leaflets or pulp large numbers of books that have the numbered pages in the wrong sequence.

Investing in end-of-line packaging machinery in the printing industry helps aid the traceability of packed product and ensures that the packing of the printed matter is an efficient and cost effective process.

Traceability: Case Coder

When an outer cardboard box is used for packing / shipping the printed items, a simple drop on demand Case Coder makes traceability easy. Depending on the quality and size of coding required, a Microjet dot matrix, a high resolution small character HP Cartridge based system, or high resolution large character IJ3000 system could be used. A Case Coder will; time stamp, and print a batch and / or shift code, a box count or other variable data. This is all printed directly onto the cardboard outer box as it is conveyed to the dispatch area. This gives complete visibility between production and dispatch. A Case Coder eliminates the need for labels.

For example, when a high speed magazine printer discovered that some of his magazines had been assembled in the incorrect page number order, he was able to trace to the point where the sorting hoppers had been changed, identify which batches were affected, and as the outer boxes had been time stamped and batch coded, quickly able to identify the boxes with faulty products, then offload and replace only the faulty items. The alternative would have been to open every box and look at every magazine on the two pallets already packed, before knowing what needed to be replaced. Using a simple Microjet Case Coder saved this particular company a vast amount of time and cost. Not to say the embarrassment of delivering a magazine with its pages in the wrong order!

Case Sealer

When cardboard boxes are used for shipping printed matter, whether leaflets, magazines or books, a Case Sealer speeds up the dispatch process. A Case Sealer helps provide added security for products in transit. For example, using an LD7 case sealer improves productivity by over 20%. A SP304 Pack Station improves productivity by nearly 30%. Using standard tape to seal a box provides ample evidence of any tampering or interference in transit. For particularly rough handling in transit, 75mm (3 inch) tape width can be used, or specialised reinforced tape.

For example, a well know religious body ships leaflets to Africa for distribution by volunteers  on bicycles. The packed boxes, weighing approximately 20-25Kg, are subject to rough handling, and quite often are dropped from the cycles as the leaflets are delivered. During drop tests using a Legend Case Sealer and reinforced tape, the box was found to fail before the tape sealing the top & bottom of the box failed – testament to the quality of the seal applied by the Case Sealer.

Security in Transit: Pallet Wrapping

Once the printed matter has been placed in boxes, or shrink wrapped, the products will be palletised for shipping.

Securing a palletised load to a pallet with stretchwrap film is a simple yet economic method of reducing risk of damage in transit. A power pre-stretch Pallet Wrapper will stretch the pallet wrap film as it is applied to the load. Productivity gains of over 30% are not unusual when compared to hand wrapping. Using a Pallet Wrapper is also an environmentally sound way of wrapping a pallet, as it generates much less waste that will ultimately end up as landfill.

Because a good quality Pallet Wrapper will have versatility built into its control and operation, such as automatic height detectors and variable carriage and turntable speeds, products do not necessarily have to be packed into cardboard boxes before being wrapped. For example, wrapping bundles of newspaper not stacked in neat rows of cardboard boxes would not present problems to a Pallet Master Pallet Wrapping Machine.

little david case sealers case erectors

little david case sealers case erectors
Our end of line case sealers and case erectors set the industry standard over 50 years ago, and our high quality engineered machines are still setting the standard today.

pallet master

pallet master
All new Loveshaw designed Pallet Wrapper, brings new levels of durability with the latest advanced head performance.

microjet microjet

The Microjet Large Character Case Coder neatly prints traceability information along the side of your box, including description, dates, times, expiry dates, batch codes.