Pallet Wrapper
Cobra X

  • Rotary Arm Pallet Wrapper
  • Maximises floor space
  • No need for Ramp
  • 4 Pre-Installed Programs
  • Easy to use, User Interface
  • Ideal for light or unstable pallets
  • Utilises Pre-Stretched Film
  • Capacity Up to 25pph


Power: 230 VAC – 1 phase 50 Hz

Noise Level: < 70 dB(A)

Operating Speed: 35pph

Safety: Bump Band w/Photo Sensor

Load Weight: Unlimited

Weight: 310kg (uncrated)

Material: Pre-Stretched Film


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Max. pallet dimensions: W1000mm x L1200mm x H2400mm

Reel width: 500mm

Max. film roll diameter: 300mm

Max. weight of film roll: 13kg

Temp environment: 5-40 C

Max humidity: 76%

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Rotary Arm Pallet Wrapper

The Cobra Rotary Arm Pallet Wrapper is the ideal solution where space (footprint) is an obstacle. The Cobra offers an alternative to conventional pallet wrapping systems. Its rotary arm travels around the pallet removing any product stability issues.

Pallet Wrapping Light Loads, Unstable Loads, Heavy Loads

The flexibility of the rotating arm technology means the pallet is placed on the floor during the wrapping cycle, with no requirement for a loading ramp, or need to sink the machine into the floor. The load is static during wrapping, which means the Cobra is ideal for light unstable loads, column stacked products, random loads, and extremely heavy loads. Unlike a rotating turntable pallet wrapper, there is also less maintenance as there are no turntable drive systems. The main frame is supported by three legs, fixed to the floor by anchor bolts.

Pallet Wrapper Safety

One unique safety feature of the Cobra is the optical emergency stop that is attached to the end of the rotary arm. In the unlikely event that anything comes into contact with the rotating arm while in use, the arm will stop immediately and safely.

Easy to Use

The programming for the wrapper is easy to use and is done via a simple touch screen control panel. Basic set up will take less than 2 minutes to program. The programs cover all the usual wrapping variations you may need and include adjustable features to meet the demands of the most challenging applications. 



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