Semi-Automatic Case Sealer – Narrow Boxes


An industrial supplier of sealants was having issues with their existing case sealer, the Loveshaw Little David LD3SB Side Belt Case Sealer solved the issue.


Loveshaw were invited to visit an industrial supplier of sealants located in Illinois who was in need of a new case sealer. Their existing case sealer was crushing tall, unstable and void boxes.


After an onsite demonstration of the LD-3SB narrow box option, the end-user agreed that this box taper solved their unstable case issues and their case crushing problems. The Loveshaw CAC60 tape cartridge pressure adjustment feature avoided applying too much pressure to the boxes, thus eliminating the box crushing issue.

The LD-3SB box sealer has resulted in faster production due to:

  • Elimination of crushing of void boxes which caused box jams
  • Tall, unstable, narrow boxes secured due to narrow side belt option of 3¼”



  • Speed: 24.4 meters / min
  • Case range: Length: 114mm – Inf,  Width: 85 – 508 (narrow box option),  Height: 114-610mm 24” (high mast option up to 864mm, to increase pass height)
  • Compact footprint: 813 x 851 x743 mm
  • Easy to operate
  • Single mast design for safety
  • Quick, easy case changeover
  • Slide and lock height and width wheel adjustment
  • Front and rear horizontal leg braces for added stability
  • Interchangeable top and bottom tape cartridges
  • Durable: Built with heavy gauge steel to last in the most demanding 24/7 operations


Case Sealer
Little David LD3SB

  • Low Maintenance
  • CE Approved
  • Quick Changeover