Herrco Cosmetics – Case Sealer


Herrco Cosmetics, a rapidly expanding family-run cosmetics business, had purchased a cheap, imported case sealer from the internet. This was causing serious problems for production.


Being a cosmetics business Hercco need case sealers that can handle a wide range of boxes many quite small and unstable. The cheaper case sealers they purchased on the internet proved to be inconsistent and unreliable, and the repeated downtime caused revenue loss.


Loveshaw were invited to view the problems they had in production and offer a solution.  On advice, we took a range of box samples away so we could test them without affecting production. We filmed a range of box sizes running through the Little David LD3SB Case Sealer. These boxes covered the extremes in case size used by Herrco, both in width and height. Next, we installed one of our high quality machines on site for an extended trial. The Little David LD3SB performed without fault and never came back to our factory. Herrco has since purchased three more machines.

The Little David LD3SB has resulted in increased production, less down time , no need for constant adjustment as before, and is able to run all box sizes.


The Little David LD3SB

  • Compact footprint  813cm x 851cm x 743cm
  • Easy to operate
  • Single mast design for safety and easy access
  • Quick change over
  • Built in heavy gauge steel for durability to meet the most demanding operations
  • Side belt driven – ideal for small, tall or narrow boxes
  • CE approved and PUWER compliant


Case Sealer
Little David LD3SB

  • Low Maintenance