Lycored – Case Sealer


Lycored are a major supplier to industry of vitamins and proteins used in leading global brands. Lycored needed to modernise their packaging process, increase speed and increase efficiency.


Lycored’s packaging system involved building boxes by hand, and applying wet tape to boxes by hand. This process was very time consuming and wet tape can be messy and irregular. They had concerns that the volume and weight of their 20 kilo boxes would be hard to automate at a much improved rate, and that pressure-sensitive tape would not be secure enough.


We worked closely with Lycored, visiting their premises and evaluating their problems in order to find the most efficient and cost-effective solution. We ran an on-site trial to prove that our Little David Legend LDU case sealer could handle the 20 kilo boxes, and that our own brand pressure-sensitive tape would be secure. We were happy to successfully show the benefits to the client, of increased productivity, and a consistent tape application with no water.


The Little David LDU Legend is a state-of-the-art top and bottom case sealer.

  • Handle boxes from 64mm to 610mm in height.
  • CE approved and complies to PUWER regulations.
  • Single mast system for safety, and easy access for case change over.
  • Interchangeable tape cartridges.
  • The Legend incorporates a sealed drive and internally mounted electrical system.


Case Sealer
Little David Legend LDU

  • Low Maintenance