Pots & Co – Pallet Wrapper


Pots & Co, an award-winning and growing chilled and frozen dessert manufacturer, had a problem with being able to get their product out of the door quickly enough. The demand for increased throughput and restricted warehouse space for pallet wrapping, called for some creative space saving innovation.


Pots & Co contacted Loveshaw about the limited floor space they had and their packaging needs. They needed to increase their packaging efficiency with a pallet wrapper. Loveshaw felt it was important to inspect the site in order to find the most effective packaging solution. When we visited their West London centre of production we could see the main packing area had a walk through to “Goods Out”. This meant a conventional pallet wrapper with ramp would take up too much floor space and block the walk through area.


It was clear that from our product ranges, the Cobra pallet wrapper was the perfect solution. The Cobra pallet wrapper itself has a very small footprint, as it does not require a ramp, does not have a traditional base, and does not use a turntable. So the floor space is clear when the machine is not in use. The Cobra uses the existing floor space to wrap your pallet. Once wrapped you can move the pallet away and your floor space is returned.


Cobra X Rotary Pallet Wrapper

  • Rotary arm controlled by electronic safety photo cell (instant stop).
  • Rotation speed 12 RPM.
  • Capacity up to 35 pallets per hour.
  • Easy to use touch screen menu (multiple programs).


Pallete Wrapper

  • Reduced Maintenance Costs
  • No Ramp Required
  • Improved Safety
  • Reduced Operator Complexity