Turners Distribution – Case Sealer


Turners Distribution is one of the UK’s largest haulage firms. They had taken on a contract to re-pack and distribute chilled fruit for a client, which involved downsizing to a new smaller box which is labour intensive. To help speed up the packaging process, they contacted Loveshaw to see if we could help with this challenge.


Re-packing is by nature, slow and labour intensive. The area that can be improved is the final part of the operation – filling the smaller box and sealing it. Turners wanted a fast and cost-effective solution, that was also well engineered and reliable, week in and week out. They also wanted a case sealer that was flexible in terms of factory floor space.


The Little David LD7 case sealer was the ideal solution being, extremely well engineered, reliable and fast, highly mobile, with a small footprint, and able to process a wide range of box sizes. With the Little David LD7, Turners were able to move the machine around the chilled warehouse to wherever they needed to work. The LD7 was able to speed up production by around 20% and reduce labour, which meant a significant improvement in speed and a cost saving to their production.


Little David LD7 Case Sealer

  • Economical.
  • Single Mast design for safety and easy access
  • Quick change over if required.
  • CE approved and PUWER compliant.
  • Top & Bottom tape cartridges are interchangeable.
  • Excellent Value.


Case Sealer
Little David LD7